History & Facilities

Busan Cultural Center

The hall of culture and arts symbolizing
Busan, an international city of culture

After a design contest in 1982, the construction began in October 1983. The Grand Theater was first opened in 1988, but it took 10 years of renovating and expanding until 1993 to complete a grand-scale multi-purpose culture and arts facility with three buildings on a 48,424㎡ space with 44,009㎡ gross floor area. After 22 years of opening, the Grand Theater entered renovation in April 2010 to provide a cozy cultural space and quality performances and reopened in October 2010.

For the architectural style, it adopted the characteristics of Korean traditional homes to arrange the Medium and Small theaters as the guest houses with the Grand Theater in the center. There is no wall or gate to open up to the visitors as the low fences of traditional homes. The buildings placed traditional eaves and rafters on top of girder-like colonnade to represent the spirit of challenge.

The roofing decorated concrete slabs with the patterns of traditional roofing tiles and granite was used on the exterior walls for magnificent yet humble beauty.