Rent Services

Rent Services

  • The Busan Cultural Center implements regular•temporary•permanent rental services yearly to promote the efficient operation of performing•exhibition gallery and to relieve the discomfort of use.
  • Rental Facilities : Main Theater, Medium Theater, Small Theater, Grand Gallery, Medium Gallery, Conference Hall

Basic Directions of Rent

  • Preferential rent to international level or pure artists, prominent arts organizations of home and abroad or performance · exhibition in order to create and development of local culture.
  • Preferential rent to comprehensive arts performance such as play, opera, musical, etc.
  • Rent of small-sized concert guide to The Small Theater, avoid unequal distribution of The Large · Medium Theater
  • Rent to performance · exhibition which does not affect the management of facilities and equipment

Rent Application and Permission Procedure

  • Consul (verbal, telephone)Consul (verbal, telephone)
  • Application(reception)Application(reception)
  • Rent Deliberation
(appropriateness check, schedule adjustment)Rent Deliberation (appropriateness check, schedule adjustment)
  • Inform of DecisionInform of Decision
  • Contract and Fee PaymentContract and Fee Payment
applying for rent
  • Required documents applying for rent : Application Form for Facility Use Permit, Performance Plan(performance program and performer's profiles, etc.)
  • Rental fee should be paid for use of facilities, you can apply via visit/mail/fax. If you need more detailed information, please contact to officer in charge of rent.(051-607-6051~5).