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Busan Philhamonic Youth Orchestra

Busan Philhamonic Youth Orchestra


In addition, Busan Philharmonic Youth Orchestra arranges participation programs such as soloist festivals, winter · summer camps to enhance the aspect of arts foundation, sensitivity, expressiveness, virtuosity and transplants hopes and dreams with various experience and vision for the future through the affirmative act encouragement of ensemble performers.

Meanwhile, Busan Philharmonic Youth Orchestra held high-leveled successful concerts by inviting top-class performers from home and abroad to maximize the artistic sensibility of young people, improve the quality of music.

Also Busan Philharmonic Youth Orchestra played a great role as cultural envoys of Korea and Busan by means of overseas concerts in Japan, USA, China, Vietnam, etc.

Currently, Busan Philharmonic Youth Orchestra is established high-leveled musical foundation with selecting of superior members and focusing on the capacity enhancement of members under the firm belief and thorough practice of the 4th chief conductor Kim BeomSoo.

Also Busan Philharmonic Youth Orchestra ranked at representative position among many philharmonic youth orchestras of Korea through recruiting professional trainers and establishing of systematic operating system, is enhancing its position leading the ‘National Youth Symphony Festival’ for the future of Korea symphony’s development.

Busan Philharmonic Youth Orchestra will make a constant effort to be a springboard toward the world beyond Korea by means of scout for promising young musicians and nourishment for musical literacy of them.