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Busan Metropolitan Dance Company

Busan Metropolitan Dance Company


50 members with the 1st choreographer Hwang MuBong, the 2nd choreographer Kim HyeonJa, the 3rd choreographer Choi EunHee, the 4th choreographer Son SeRan, the 5th choreographer Hong MinAe, the 6th choreographer Kim JinHong, the 7th Lee NoYeon, the 8th Hong GiTae, the current 9th Hong KyeongHee art director as the center, 50 members work on actively. Busan Metropolitan Dance Company is being received a lot of love from citizens by means of the reconfigured work which remake our traditional dance to dynamic and buzzy dance style with modern sense.

Busan Metropolitan Dance Company implements performances of ‘Visiting Arts Organization’ to open the enthusiastic culture place, to highlight and share the Busan Metropolitan City Art Organization’s activity shape which going on approach to citizens. Also Busan Metropolitan Dance Company is getting a great response from the public through implementing ‘Citizen Dance Class’ twice a year and ‘Children Korea Dance Class’ in order to increase the understanding and interest about Korea dance.

In addition, Busan Metropolitan Dance Company is inviting various audiences to a wide dance performance’s world through special performances with topic such as ‘Stroll of Our Dance’, ‘Summer Plaza Dance Festival’, ‘Midsummer Night's Dance Concert’, ‘Special Performance for Foreigners’, ‘Special Performance for the Disabled’, ‘Special Performance for Youth’, etc.

Busan Metropolitan Dance Company has also implemented numerous overseas performances in Russia, Vietnam, France, Japan, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore, India, China, Italy, Switzerland, Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, the USA, Indonesia, etc. as a cultural mission to inform the image of high-level culture·tourism city of Busan.